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Lazy Susan (pbk) - signed


My new novella, my first prose work for nearly ten years. Coming 11th Dec...

This could be the best or the worst weekend of Susie Q. Martin's life.

Come on a night out with one of the most original voices you'll encounter in literature this year - a Scottish, working-class Holly Golightly for the influencer generation - as she navigates 48 hours of parties, drugs, sexism and really expensive bevvy.

She's going to need your help.

"Bissett is one of the few truly experimental novelists working in the UK" - Michel Faber, author of Under the Skin

"Bissett's return to prose is better than your favourite band's comeback tour. One of Scotland's boldest voices reminds us what we've been missing. Rarely is a book so worthy of starting all over again as soon as finished." – Michael Pedersen, Neu! Reekie