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The Moira Monologues LIVE!


A performance of my classic 'one-woman show' at Falkirk Town Hall in 2010, available to watch on Vimeo. After purchase I will email you a link and password. Contains swearing (lots).

“4**** This is brilliant stuff, an exhilaratingly fresh take on the whole business of class and culture in Scotland. It’s also so funny that some in the audience were literally shouting with laughter.” – The Scotsman

“ 4**** Moira Bell is a legend. A hilarious, but subtly smart work that takes society slowly apart” – The Skinny

“4**** Bissett writes with eagle-eyed vim and not a word is wasted. His Moira lurches from a foul-mouthed Rottweiler who could give Malcolm Tucker a run for his money to maudlin softie in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette.” – The Independent

“4**** A funny, feisty, fiery 60 minutes that’s utterly convincing.” – TV Bomb