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The Ching Room & Turbo Folk: Two Plays - (pbk) signed


THE CHING ROOM - A pitch-black two-hander set in a toilet cubicle. Rory realises he is out of his depth once he becomes trapped by the terrifying and enigmatic drug-dealer, Darren. Cast size: 2M.

‘Has subtle depth as a meditation on drug culture… The character of Darren is a demon for our times.’ - ★★★★ The Scotsman

‘Exudes the same sort of self-assurance as Gregory Burke’s debut, Gagarin Way… You can see real talent at work here.’ - ★★★★ Metro

‘As tight as a short drama set in a toilet cubicle should be…A curiously compelling little play… A script riddled with priceless back-alley gems.’ - ★★★★ The Herald

‘It’s exciting, totally absorbing theatre.’ - ★★★★ City Life Manchester

TURBO FOLK - A sharp look at Scottish nationality at home and abroad. Set in the sort of bar you wouldn’t take tourists to, in an unspecified Balkan country, Turbo Folk earned Bissett a nomination for Best New Play at the 2010 Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS). Cast size: 3M.

‘Tells its story with pace and economy and delivers a real and frightening dramatic punch… The games Bissett plays with language are dazzling.’ - ★★★★ The Scotsman